The 13 Ugly Men Honor the Police

We have had a lot of positive experience here with the Tampa Police, and we can’t thank them enough for all they do in our community, keeping us safe and out of harms way. The 13 Ugly Men Foundation decided to make 2 recent donations this month. $1,000 to the Police Unity Tour & $1,000 Tampa S.W.A.T. training in Orlando for S.W.A.T. Roundup. One is to honor the fallen officers locally, and the other is to make our police officers better through training.

More About the Police Unity Tour:

From Doug Groves, Lieutenant, Tampa Police Department:

The Police Unity Tour is an annual 250 mile bicycle ride which honors officers who have been killed in the line of duty across the nation in service to the communities they served. There are several chapters across the country of which Chapter VIII represents Florida. Chapter VIII members begin their ride in Portsmouth Virginia on May 10 th and ride the 250 miles over a 3 day period. The ride ends every year at the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial in Washington DC. During the ride, every participant chooses a fallen officer from the previous year to ride in honor of. The participants are provided with a “Band of Honor” which includes the fallen officer’s name, department and their End of Watch date. These bands are then given to family members of the fallen officer as a reminder that the fallen officers will always be remembered. Every year on May 13 th , a candlelight vigil is held and the names of the fallen officers are read and their names are officially added onto the memorial wall. The entire experience is very moving. The riders are tired and pushed to their limits but we think of our fallen brethren and continue on. Very often along the route we are also cheered on by citizens showing their respect for the riders and the fallen officers. The support we receive from the community is very important to us and is greatly appreciated. Since its beginning in 1997, the Police Unity Tour has been able to donate over 16 million dollars to the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial.

More about the SWAT Round-UP:

From: Clinton Harris, Tampa Police Department, Tactical Response Team (S.W.A.T.):

This year our team will be participating in the SWAT Round-Up. The SWAT Round-Up, an annual event, brings together SWAT operators from around the globe to participate in training events. Our team will participate in educational seminars and classes to improve our skill sets. Our team has not participated since Sergeant Gary Pricher’s death. Sgt. Pricher died returning from the SWAT Round-Up in 1983. In honor of his memory, one of the events is named after him called the “Pricher Scramble”. The Tampa SWAT team has started to participate again in the Round-Up for the past two years and hopefully in the years to come. Training for this event will be tough, but we all are looking forward to the challenge. The event will take place from  in Orlando, Florida and is held at the Orange County Sheriff’s Officer Range ( The Tampa Police Benevolent Association (PBA) is assisting our team in creating an account for the Tampa SWAT Round-Up. Tampa SWAT team so we have the opportunity to be a part of the 34th Annual SWAT Round-Up International.