Secret White Party Headlining Sponsor Revealed

After an anonymous donation of $10,000 was provided for the 2015 White Party, it was told that the donation should be held to secrecy. The large donation was actually sent through the online purchase the exact morning after a Quarterly 13 Ugly Men General Membership meeting where the President and Chair both asked all of the members to try and find a sponsor. It seemed that this hit home for one specific member. That member’s name is Dr. Rob Albergo. He knew how much the 13 Ugly Men organization meant to him, and he did not want to let any of his brothers down. He wanted to fly under the radar, but the President and Chair both felt that we needed everyone to know how generous and caring the donation means to the 13 Ugly Men and ultimately what it will mean to the Hands Across the Bay. If you see him at the party, shake his hand, give him a hug or a kiss, and thank him.