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Seminole Hard Rock Tampa and the 13 Ugly Men

The Month of May will be another great one for the Seminole Hard Rock Tampa and the 13 Ugly Men.

All month long the Seminole Hard Rock Casino will be selling 13 Ugly Men sunglasses for $5 which the proceeds will go directly to the 13 Ugly Men Foundation!

We are so excited to have there continued support, and raise awareness of all the positive and impactful things we do.

So please go to the Casino, enjoy the venue, buy a pair of sunglasses, and continue supporting us and our mission!


13 Ugly Men throw huge party

Tampa, Florida -– The group has a funny name—13 Ugly Men—and they’re known for their parties. And on Saturday, April 11, about 1,000 people are expected to attend The White Party.

“What they can expect is an all-night party at one of the premier venues in the Tampa Bay area,” says 13 Ugly Men President David Moyer. “It will be one of the best parties.”

The party takes place at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. It will feature plenty of food, drinks, and multiple DJ’s.

Party proceeds will benefit Julie Weintraub’s Hands Across the Bay charity and specifically that group’s efforts to help victims of domestic violence. “It’s a great charity—a great organization,” says Moyer.

For more information and tickets you can check out this website.

Secret White Party Headlining Sponsor Revealed

After an anonymous donation of $10,000 was provided for the 2015 White Party, it was told that the donation should be held to secrecy. The large donation was actually sent through the online purchase the exact morning after a Quarterly 13 Ugly Men General Membership meeting where the President and Chair both asked all of the members to try and find a sponsor. It seemed that this hit home for one specific member. That member’s name is Dr. Rob Albergo. He knew how much the 13 Ugly Men organization meant to him, and he did not want to let any of his brothers down. He wanted to fly under the radar, but the President and Chair both felt that we needed everyone to know how generous and caring the donation means to the 13 Ugly Men and ultimately what it will mean to the Hands Across the Bay. If you see him at the party, shake his hand, give him a hug or a kiss, and thank him.

White Party Headlining Sponsorship Opportunity

The 13 Ugly Men are seeking a Headlining Sponsor for the 2015 White Party.
The 13 Ugly Men Foundation is a Not-For-Profit 501(c)3, with all volunteer members, that throw various events for local charities. The White Party is our signature event, that has over 1,000 high profile guests that attend to party for a purpose.
This years purpose is Julie Weintraub’s Hands Across the Bay, and specifically the Domestic Violence Division that they have formed.
Your donation and sponsorship will provide a tremendous lift to our local community.
It will also be a fun, one of a kind experience that you and your guests will be treated to.
Your $10,000 Sponsorship will go towards the largest Cabana at the party, in the center of the party. It will include 30 tickets, and 3 bottles of Grey Goose, unbelievable food menu all evening, and tremendous marketing opportunities through our various outlets.
Contact for more details or simply purchase Cabana 3 on our ticket sales link:

2015 White Party Details

With a year off in 2014 due to the May weather, we have decided to step up our game for 2015. First, the date is moved up into early April. The way it should always be.

What is the White Party? If you haven’t been, it is the Annual Signature Party in Tampa Bay. Over 1,000 of the best people in the area dress up in White and party in a one of a kind setting, with the best DJ’s, and the best venue in town.

When is the White Party?
April 11, 2015
Seminole Hard Rock Casino


How is 2015 different? Well, Seminole Hard Rock is offering food all night for our guests. This will be in the RISE area off the pool location, and specifically for our White Party guests. The menu is unbelievable, and it will even fulfill your late night cravings. The party is extended until 2 am!!!! This is a first for the White Party. The ticket purchase allows you access into the Hard Rock Cafe which is also open to 4am. With ticket purchases, you will receive a promo code for the hotel that evening if you wish to stay over night. We also have plenty of other tricks up our sleeves to make this night the most memorable.

What is the party for? Every 13 Ugly Men Party comes with a purpose. This event, proceeds will be used for Julie Weintraub’s Hands Across the Bay. Specifically for the ever going challenges facing Domestic Violence. Here is a link to the organization (hyper link to the 13 Ugly Men news post about the charity)

Where do I purchase:

2015 White Party Beneficiary

Julie Weintraub’s Hands Across the Bay was developed to positively impact the lives of as many Tampa Bay residents as possible. We assist and mentor hardworking families in need,advocate for change, support other organizations, and spread love with variousacts of kindness. Through our work, we hope to inspire our community to become more compassionate, empathetic, and charitable.

Every day in our community a family is impacted by unpredictable circumstances, such as unexpected loss of employment, hardships, accidents, crimes etc. Hands Across the Bay understands during these times of crisis, families may feel lost, desperate, and confused. We take the unique approach of identifying the circumstances surrounding the situation in order to provide assistance to best stabilize our families.Our small but mighty team of Julie Weintraub, Dee Mantzaris, and Melissa Dohme, strives to be flexible and creative in utilizing our resources and partnerships in an effort to sufficiently assist them in getting back to the road of independence. Through our community partners, we have been able to provide previous families with the resources required to cover virtually every aspect of their needs. Wealso understand many needs extend further than money, which is why we are devoted to providing them one-on-one mentorship and guidance throughout their journey.

Due to the increasing level of domestic violence in our community, Hands Across the Bay developed a Domestic Violence Division. We are devoted to positively impacting others through advocacy, awareness, education, empowerment, and prevention. Our goal is to transform a generation saturated with hate, violence, and crime into a generation infused with love, compassion, and peace. Our Violence Prevention Advocate, Melissa, heads up our division. She is a survivor of a brutal stabbing in 2012, where she was stabbed 32 times after leaving her abusive and jealous high school ex-boyfriend. Statistics show that1 in 3 teens will experience some form of abuse while in high school. Weare committed to providing highschools in the Tampa Bay area with anti-violence presentations. Silence is part of what allows the epidemic of domestic violence to continue destroying people’s lives. We speak throughout the community to educate, inspire, and raise awareness.Presenting the facts about teen dating and domestic violence along with sharing personal experiences lies at the core of our presentations.

We pride ourselves in keeping our promise that the donations from our supporters are going directly to assist families and other small organizations in the community. Your support of 13 Ugly Men’s White Party and the funds raised will go directly support our work through the Domestic Violence Division. Steve and Julie Weintraub’s company, Gold & Diamond Source, donates the cost of our office space, supplies, and staff’s salaries. Julie also personally guarantees that her time and efforts at Hands Across the Bay are 100% volunteered. Despite being a very small organization, we have been able to work miracles because of our collective effort with the community and those who support our mission.