13 Ugly Men Lend a Hand to Help After Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma was headed towards Tampa Bay and took a last minute turn. We are thankful that so many people dodged a terrible storm, but it still made a dent here locally. The 13 Ugly Men aimed to help any of those that needed hands with the aftermath in the Bay area.

The group found 2 people, one in East Tampa and the other in St. Petersburg. They offered to move broken tree limbs, branches, and clean up the homes and yards from the storm.

The first couple was located in St. Petersburg. One of their first dates was at a White Party years ago. They had several trees get uprooted and fall to the ground, barely missing houses and cars, but left a significant mess. The guys got to work, and helped clear the property.

The other was a retired woman in East Tampa. Her yard was a wreck from all the debris and such that the storm brought. Our team once again spent a few hours, and made sure the home was back to how it was before the storm.